“I’ll fight to make this country better for people – FOR YOU.  I’ll work for the individuals, families, and small businesses in the 25th – NOT Nancy Pelosi or the Party bosses. I’ll be an independent voice in Congress FOR YOU!” - Angela


Congressional Democrats are poised to increase taxes on hardworking Americans to spend frivolously on more big government programs. I believe that we need to keep taxes low to stimulate the American economy, allow our small businesses to grow, and provide much needed relief for America’s middle class. I’ll oppose all attempts to raise taxes on hard working Americans.

National Debt/Budget

While elitist Democrats continue to propose plans that will cost our country trillions of dollars – including the so-called Green New Deal – America’s National Debt continues to grow. I believe we need to hold our government accountable, fight to end wasteful government spending, and balance our country’s budget now, before it is too late.

Jobs & Economy

As a community banker I’ve spent much of my adult life helping members of our communities get the loans they need to start or expand their small businesses.  A strong economy, fueled by low taxes and reasonable regulation is the best way to ensure that we keep Americans employed.  With the recent Republican lead tax reform, most Americans are seeing more money in their paycheck and small businesses have more money to hire new workers and invest in their communities.  We are already seeing the positive effects tax reform has had on our economy -- unemployment is at historic lows.  I’ll fight for policies that will keep this strong economy going.

Border Security

Border security is about ensuring safety and security – it’s so much more than just stopping illegal immigration. A secure border is critical in the fight against the opioid and meth crisis that is plaguing our communities. A secure border will also dramatically reduce human and sex trafficking – a problem that is only getting worse and often impacts impoverished young girls in Latin American.  It is time to secure our border and work to find long-term, compassionate solutions to our broken immigration system. As your congresswoman I’ll support a border fence where it makes physical and financial sense, more technology and better resources for our border patrol.

National Security

We must ensure that our military has the resources necessary to protect and defend our freedoms. As the proud wife of a veteran, I know firsthand the trials that our servicemen and women face while defending our country from those that would do us harm and the trials they face long after their service is over. It is paramount that we support our troops, do better to care for our veterans and reject attempts to weaken our nation’s military.